Marathon Training Week 13

30 Apr

I’m moving into my taper weeks now. My goal is to make the most of my workouts. Shouldn’t that always be the case??? But you know how it is. I guess I mean that instead of just getting the miles in, I will really push hard to work on my pace and get more comfortable with my pace when tired. Overall, I am pleased with how things are going. I might not be getting to yoga 3 times a week like I would love to do, but at least I am getting in once a week and sometimes two. I’m consistently doing 2 strength workouts a week. The only struggle is fitting in a good cross training (Spin class, preferably). Classes at the gym can be difficult for me to make due to Noah not always agreeing to my schedule. But you do what you can, ya know.

Last week’s training recap’s theme song should be “Feelin’ Alright” by Joe Cocker

Monday, I had a fabulous yoga class where my mind was completely focused on the task at hand. I wasn’t thinking about anything else other than my breath and my poses. It was awesome. Tuesday’s workout was to be 4 miles at goal pace (8:20). Stella and I took for for a 5 miler with a 9:00 minute mile warm up and then I was right at 8:20s for the rest of my run. I was pleased with this because it was starting to get hot out there.

Here’s Stella post-run. Now that’s how you cool off from a run!!!

That evening I got in a decent strength workout for 45 minutes. 3×20 (Leg Press, Cable Rows, Chest Fly, Push Ups, Quad Lifts, Lat Pulldowns, Bicycles, Bridge, Plank Holds for 60 sec each). I wanted to catch the 12:00 Spin class Wednesday but Noah had other plans so we took Stella to the dog park and had a nice little hike instead. Thursday was a little frustrating in that I had 6 miles to do on the treadmill (the weather with the stroller wasn’t a good mix that day) and the treadmill won because I only got 3 miles in (8:09 pace). Sometimes, I hate that treadmill!

Friday was a rest day and I mentally needed it. We were really missing Jim at this point! Saturday was my long run of 22 miles. I got a babysitter to come over at 8:00 and the weather was just about perfect! I had my iPod, CamelBack filled with water, GUs, Shotblocks and my phone. I felt really confident going into this run. That feels nice. I wasn’t trying to push the pace really. My goal was a few warm up miles at 9:30 pace and then pick up the pace as I felt good. I finished with 21.2 on the books around a 9:25 pace. The big things I wanted to work out on this run was nutrition. I still struggled a little with this but thanks to your advice (thanks, organicrunnermom) and my DailyMile friends, I have some new products to try in the next few weeks!

Sunday, I was a lot more sore than I anticipated. I went out for a jog with Noah pushing the stroller and decided to head to the park instead of the 4 mile jog I had planned. My legs were so heavy. It was way more fun at the park! Jim got home Sunday afternoon in plenty of time for me to go to the candlelight yoga class. It was the Hot Power Fusion class at Core Power Yoga (love it). Had difficulty with a few poses due to a little swelling in my knee so I just did what I could and didn’t worry about what everyone else was doing.

Daddy’s home! Time to read “Monster at the End of This Book”.

This Week’s Training: April 30th – May 6th

Monday- Strength and Stretch. My legs are still feeling pretty heavy so I am planning on hitting the pool for a few laps and laying off the weights today.

Tuesday- 4 miles at goal pace (8:20) I will do 1-2 mile warm up at 9:00-9:20 minute per mile then run my 4 miles at 8:20 pace followed by a cool down. A Total Body Strength Workout and stretching.

Wednesday- Spin class. The 25 Workout

Thursday- 6 mile Speed Work (1-1.5 mile warm up 3×1600 @ 7:00 pace 2/ 800 recovery jogs) plus core exercises and stretching.

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 12 miles under a 9:00 minute pace

Sunday- easy 3 miles jog or cross training.

Here is the entire training plan. 15 Week Marathon Training Plan

I saw this quote and really enjoy it. Hope you do too!

“As runners we are pretty adept at changing our pace, alternating our route, and overcoming obstacles. We train ourselves, literally, to find some sort of comfort in the midst of our discomfort. Our training serves us well in every area of our lives.”

-Kristin Armstrong

5 Responses to “Marathon Training Week 13”

  1. Laura May 1, 2012 at 7:22 am #

    Taper time already? This cycle flew by for me! Maybe because I wasn’t the one putting in the long runs. :) Awesome final long run… it’s a good time to have heavy legs since your training is backing off and you have time to recover before the race. You’ve done the work, and remained uninjured– doesn’t get much better than that! Nice work!

    • kandjcoloradoliving May 1, 2012 at 10:03 am #

      It’s a long taper. Like 3 weeks. I will probably bump up my LR to 14 this weekend so I can work through some nutrition plans and wardrobe issues (eek chafing!!). Thanks for YOUR support!!

  2. Kathy R May 5, 2012 at 8:13 pm #

    Awesome – I had ‘Feeling Alright’ on my Sur playlist! I’ve had a copy of Monster at the End of the Book since I was a kid – I do a fabulous Grover voice, at least that’s what my kids tell me!

    • kandjcoloradoliving May 6, 2012 at 10:56 am #

      That book has to be one of my favorite to read. I remember my mom reading it to me! And of course, you have to do the Grover voice with it!!!


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