Denver to Detroit: Marathon Training Week 6

13 Aug

I had successful runs this past week along with finishing my first 20 of this training plan. On my runs this week, it got me thinking about how I need to tweak my training plan. I haven’t felt that I have been running all of my runs with a purpose. I would just try to get the miles in. When running a lower mileage training plan, each run needs a purpose, especially if you have a time goal.

My struggle continues to be fitting in my cross training when I want it. I need to just let it go and fit it in when I can. I’m also adding back in a recovery run after my long run. My legs feel so much better when I do this and I don’t feel so much like a slug after I’ve eaten that 2nd 3rd cookie. So, here is my recap with some pictures of a lovely trail I ventured on called the S. Boulder Creek Trail.

Boulder Creek Trail


Monday- Stella Nutella and I ran at an 8:14 pace for 5 miles. Felt good.

Tuesday- Wanted to attend a strength class at the gym but Noah was NOT cooperating. I gladly handed him off to the hubs when he got home and went to the track. 1 mile warm up and 3×1600 at 6:55 pace (My splits were 6:44, 6:58, 7:09) I followed it with a 1 mile cool down for a total of 5 miles. Felt good.

Wednesday- I wanted to do a 30-45 minute strength workout before spin class, but I had a screaming toddler clinging to my leg as I tried to drop him off in the kid’s club made that option difficult. I managed to get in a 45 minute spin class.

Thursday- I had a meeting in Boulder this morning so I snuck out for lunch and ran 5 miles at 8:18 pace. I made a friend on the trail. I was a little surprised to see the cows so close- on my parent’s farm in Tennessee is one thing, on a city trail in Boulder was a little startling.

cow on the path

Friday- Wanted Yoga. Didn’t happen. I’m still a little bitter about this, but our neighbors helped ease the blow with making a super yummy dinner for us.

Saturday- 20 miler with Nina Machina. It was not our finest hour, but we did it. It was slow. The course was tough, but I like a tough long run course, but I did feel like I was running uphill all the time. My hip started to bother me again, which reminded me to CROSS TRAIN, and ice and stretch!!! There was no time for icing or stretching afterwards because we were going to the Touch-A-Truck Event at 10:00am followed by the Taste of Lone Tree. All big fun.

Highlands Ranch running

the view from our 20miler. Yes, that is a carcass.

Sunday- Jim, Noah and I went to Wildlife Experience that morning and then I was invited to have a massage at the very fancy pants Denver Four Seasons with Nina and her sister. We capped the evening off with dinner at our friends house to watch the closing ceremony. Poor Noah was wiped out. So was mom.


Monday- 7 miles at marathon goal pace or faster.

Tuesday- Strength workout or yoga in the morning.Track workout in the evening. Coach Brian said he will be switching things up. I have no idea what this means…

Wednesday- spin class/ core workout

Thursday- 7 mile run at marathon goal pace or faster

Friday- Yoga, please!

Saturday- 16 miler plus Core Barre class??

Sunday- 4 miles recovery run (pace based on how I feel, nice and easy)

There it is folks. I’m feeling optimistic:-)

10 Responses to “Denver to Detroit: Marathon Training Week 6”

  1. Hannah McGoldrick August 13, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

    Great post. I like your comments about running with a purpose. It’s so easy to get hung up on times and training runs but it’s always important to remember why you’re running. Thanks for the link to my blog as well!:)

  2. lindsay @ never say never August 14, 2012 at 8:17 am #

    I have a hard time getting cross training in as well! I know how important it is, but I just always seem to “have something come up”. Good luck this week!

  3. Kathy R August 16, 2012 at 11:13 am #

    Fabulous, Kelly! You speed is awesome!


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