31 Dec


Here is a fun little highlight reel of this past year in some of my favorite pictures. I do like looking back, but only if it helps me move forward. If I thought 2013 was a year of transition, 2014 will be the year of change. My posting has been a little scarce as of late, but you know how it is…😉

You can find me more consistently posting pictures on Instagram and tracking my workouts on Dailymile. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures.


Nina captured one of my favorite running pictures during one of my most awful running experiences. The temps that morning were sub zero and within the first mile of our uphill battle with Green Mountain, I hated this run. But man, when we got to the top and felt the sun on our faces, it was like heaven.


It does kinda look like I'm giving the mountain the finger, but I promise I was not.

It does kinda look like I’m giving the mountain the finger, but I promise I was not.


The first picture is from Jim’s birthday. I just think this picture is adorable. The other picture is Noah shoveling the driveway – that lasted about as long as if I were shoveling – 5 minutes.

birthday IMG_0766


While I was working in Winter Park up at the Wells Fargo Ski Cup, we were able to get Noah out on skis for the first time. That was cool… for like 10 minutes. I also went back to Tennessee to visit my family. Noah is a farm boy. He loves running all over the farm and his Pa likes the company.

IMG_0893 IMG_2063APRIL

I was starting to get into some good tough runs and races. The Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon 3rd place award is hands down my favorite award. Super cool.


3rd place got me a mortar shell, but I don’t recommend you bring it as a carry on in your luggage – they will search your bag and flag you.

Noah helping me cool down after a run

Noah helping me cool down after a run


I was bumping up my running mileage and doing some pretty epic (for me) long runs on some serious terrain. I also ran a marathon as a training run- that just sounds ridiculous. Yoga was taking an important role in my ultra marathon training. It was also at this time when I started contemplating stepping away from my job and pursuing a career change (overextended at work- I can’t say no very well, not enough pay- uh, hello non-profit,  it started leading to general unhappiness and frustration levels rising).

Colfax Marathon

Colfax Marathon

Go Rockies!

Go Rockies!


You’re so pretty, Colorado!


A trip to San Diego was at the start of the month and my North Fork 50K was at the end.

My little button pusher

My little button pusher



Me and Melissa at the start- sooo excited!

Me and Melissa at the start- sooo excited!

Colorado doesn't suck.

Colorado doesn’t suck.


July was a silly busy month filled with lots of wonderful things, but man, it was non stop. Work special events, Grandpa and Sukie visit from North Carolina, a trip back to Tennessee, The EPIC Relays as an all girl Ultra team, pacing Lil Megan for her first 50 Miler at Leadville. It was a big month.


Neighborhood festivities in full force


Grandparents take us all to Denver Aquarium


Noah, his Mo and Libby enjoying a boat ride


Noah with Pa’s Model A Truck

Epic Relays

Epic Relays

The girl is delirious- she's smiling at mile 49. Actually, we were really laughing because we were just bitch-slapped with a huge mountain of a hill at mile 49- who does that?? Leadville, that's who!

The girl is delirious- she’s smiling at mile 49. Actually, we were really laughing because we were just bitch-slapped with a huge mountain of a hill at mile 49- who does that?? Leadville, that’s who!


I saw some down time in my running. Yoga picked up some momentum with me. Noah was the hit of Camp Discovery (an outdoor adventure camp for women in wheelchairs, it was our 5th year). And the end of the month marked the end of my employment with National Sports Center for the Disabled. It was sad to go because I got to do some really cool stuff, but it was time.

Checking out the monster trucks with dad

Checking out the monster trucks with dad

adaptive kayaking/canoeing was just one of the activities for the weekend

adaptive kayaking/canoeing was just one of the activities for the weekend


I’m debriefing a group after their kayaking experience. But the bottom part of this picture makes me look really important – it’s like these are all my people:)


the women of Camp Discovery 2013


My last work event was a special one. 10 wounded soldiers from all over the country for a weekend of outdoor fun.


Colorado decided to have this wonderful weather that I totally took advantage of whenever possible and hit the trails with my girls. We took Noah to see his very first movie: Despicable Me 2. Got in to Boston 2014. I got another tattoo. I ran with lil Megan again for the 9 hour and 11 minute tribute. I only ran 27 miles, Megan ran like 50 miles.

IMG_2846 IMG_2885

Mmmmm...Movie popcorn

Mmmmm…Movie popcorn

Registered for Boston 2014

Registered for Boston 2014


Running slowed back down a bit but I still managed to get out and enjoy the extended Fall Colorado was having this year. I also got to spend some time with some of my favorite peeps for Challenged Athletes Foundation San Diego Triathlon. Noah and I hit up the pumpkin patch and fall carnivals. And we all ended the month in our Despicable Me costumes.

IMG_3006 IMG_3014


Image 1


Gru with his minion


Vector and a cute little minion


I was sewing a lot. I made a t-shirt quilt, lots of bags, purses and some race bib tote bags. Plus some abc books for family and friends. Jim and Noah went to North Carolina for Thanksgiving while I made my rounds with some friends.


It was a big month with Noah’s birthday (the big 3) and Christmas! Enough said.IMG_2532 IMG_2548 IMG_2573 IMG_2585

And if you have made it this far, I’m impressed. Happy New Year. It’s going to be a big one!


7 Responses to “Reflection”

  1. Nancy Hunt January 1, 2014 at 5:26 am #

    Great review of the year, Kelly. My! You’re a busy gal!

  2. Megan Miccio January 1, 2014 at 8:47 am #

    You did so many amazing things in 2013, can’t wait to see what 2014 brings your way. Also I’m honored I got to make your year in review (:

    • kandjcolorado January 2, 2014 at 11:08 am #

      So did you, chica! So glad to be a part of it! 2014 should be a very exciting year for both of us!!!

  3. Dominick S. January 3, 2014 at 11:54 am #

    Why am I forgetting that you are all signed up for Boston? Training has to start soon right? A really big year for you, I hope 2014 is another one well lived!

    • kandjcolorado January 5, 2014 at 10:07 pm #

      I’m more of a 12 week training g plan kinda gal. I get bored. No, scratch that, I just don’t like being told what to do😉 And 2014 will be interesting for sure.

      • Dominick S. January 7, 2014 at 10:25 am #

        I forgot who I was talking to…marathons in your sleep. I like being told what to do in some instances…training is one!

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