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31 Dec


Here is a fun little highlight reel of this past year in some of my favorite pictures. I do like looking back, but only if it helps me move forward. If I thought 2013 was a year of transition, 2014 will be the year of change. My posting has been a little scarce as of late, but you know how it is‚ĶūüėČ

You can find me more consistently posting pictures on Instagram and tracking my workouts on Dailymile. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures.


Nina captured one of my favorite running pictures during one of my most awful running experiences. The temps that morning were sub zero and within the first mile of our uphill battle with Green Mountain, I hated this run. But man, when we got to the top and felt the sun on our faces, it was like heaven.


It does kinda look like I'm giving the mountain the finger, but I promise I was not.

It does kinda look like I’m giving the mountain the finger, but I promise I was not.


The first picture is from Jim’s birthday. I just think this picture is adorable. The other picture is Noah shoveling the driveway – that lasted about as long as if I were shoveling – 5 minutes.

birthday IMG_0766


While I was working in Winter Park up at the Wells Fargo Ski Cup, we were able to get Noah out on skis for the first time. That was cool… for like 10 minutes. I also went back to Tennessee to visit my family. Noah is a farm boy. He loves running all over the farm and his Pa likes the company.

IMG_0893 IMG_2063APRIL

I was starting to get into some good tough runs and races. The Heartbreak Ridge Half Marathon 3rd place award is hands down my favorite award. Super cool.


3rd place got me a mortar shell, but I don’t recommend you bring it as a carry on in your luggage – they will search your bag and flag you.

Noah helping me cool down after a run

Noah helping me cool down after a run


I was bumping up my running mileage and doing some pretty epic (for me) long runs on some serious terrain. I also ran a marathon as a training run- that just sounds ridiculous. Yoga was taking an important role in my ultra marathon training. It was also at this time when I started contemplating stepping away from my job and pursuing a career change (overextended at work- I can’t say no very well, not enough pay- uh, hello non-profit, ¬†it started leading to general unhappiness and frustration levels rising).

Colfax Marathon

Colfax Marathon

Go Rockies!

Go Rockies!


You’re so pretty, Colorado!


A trip to San Diego was at the start of the month and my North Fork 50K was at the end.

My little button pusher

My little button pusher



Me and Melissa at the start- sooo excited!

Me and Melissa at the start- sooo excited!

Colorado doesn't suck.

Colorado doesn’t suck.


July was a silly busy month filled with lots of wonderful things, but man, it was non stop. Work special events, Grandpa and Sukie visit from North Carolina, a trip back to Tennessee, The EPIC Relays as an all girl Ultra team, pacing Lil Megan for her first 50 Miler at Leadville. It was a big month.


Neighborhood festivities in full force


Grandparents take us all to Denver Aquarium


Noah, his Mo and Libby enjoying a boat ride


Noah with Pa’s Model A Truck

Epic Relays

Epic Relays

The girl is delirious- she's smiling at mile 49. Actually, we were really laughing because we were just bitch-slapped with a huge mountain of a hill at mile 49- who does that?? Leadville, that's who!

The girl is delirious- she’s smiling at mile 49. Actually, we were really laughing because we were just bitch-slapped with a huge mountain of a hill at mile 49- who does that?? Leadville, that’s who!


I saw some down time in my running. Yoga picked up some momentum with me. Noah was the hit of Camp Discovery (an outdoor adventure camp for women in wheelchairs, it was our 5th year). And the end of the month marked the end of my employment with National Sports Center for the Disabled. It was sad to go because I got to do some really cool stuff, but it was time.

Checking out the monster trucks with dad

Checking out the monster trucks with dad

adaptive kayaking/canoeing was just one of the activities for the weekend

adaptive kayaking/canoeing was just one of the activities for the weekend


I’m debriefing a group after their kayaking experience. But the bottom part of this picture makes me look really important – it’s like these are all my people:)


the women of Camp Discovery 2013


My last work event was a special one. 10 wounded soldiers from all over the country for a weekend of outdoor fun.


Colorado decided to have this wonderful weather that I totally took advantage of whenever possible and hit the trails with my girls. We took Noah to see his very first movie: Despicable Me 2. Got in to Boston 2014. I got another tattoo. I ran with lil Megan again for the 9 hour and 11 minute tribute. I only ran 27 miles, Megan ran like 50 miles.

IMG_2846 IMG_2885

Mmmmm...Movie popcorn

Mmmmm…Movie popcorn

Registered for Boston 2014

Registered for Boston 2014


Running slowed back down a bit but I still managed to get out and enjoy the extended Fall Colorado was having this year. I also got to spend some time with some of my favorite peeps for Challenged Athletes Foundation San Diego Triathlon. Noah and I hit up the pumpkin patch and fall carnivals. And we all ended the month in our Despicable Me costumes.

IMG_3006 IMG_3014


Image 1


Gru with his minion


Vector and a cute little minion


I was sewing a lot. I made a t-shirt quilt, lots of bags, purses and some race bib tote bags. Plus some abc books for family and friends. Jim and Noah went to North Carolina for Thanksgiving while I made my rounds with some friends.


It was a big month with Noah’s birthday (the big 3) and Christmas! Enough said.IMG_2532 IMG_2548 IMG_2573 IMG_2585

And if you have made it this far, I’m impressed. Happy New Year. It’s going to be a big one!


Change of Pace

14 Aug

So after all of the long distance training this past year, I have decided to shift my focus back to speed for the fall and winter. But since I’m wired weird and love long distances, I couldn’t completely go the 5K and 10K route, so I opted for a faster Half Marathon and would like to have some 5Ks and 10Ks sprinkled throughout the fall and winter to see if I can PR in those distances. I would like to shoot for a sub 1:35 Half Marathon.

I don’t have a race picked out yet. I’m just going to take my training week by week and adjust accordingly. Any race recommendations for me?

So, here is what the next couple of weeks will look like:

Monday- 60 minute easy run (7-8 miles that I will either run all at once or break into 2 runs depending on my schedule) + Yoga class

Tuesday- Speed Work { 10 min easy effort at ~9:00 min mile + 8x400m @ 6:06 min/mi pace w 400m recovery jog at 9:00 min/mi pace + 10 min easy effort cool down at 9:00 min mile} + Strength Workout

Wednesday- 60 minute easy run or Spin Class

Thursday- Tempo/Interval Work {15 min easy effort at 9:00 min mile + 4x1200m @ 6:30 min/mi pace w 4 minute recovery jog at 9:00 min mi pace + 15 min easy effort at 9:00 min mile} + Strength Workout

Friday- 30-45 minute easy jog + 8 strides

Saturday- Yoga

Sunday- 60-90 minute long run at a steady easy pace

So, there it is, my new training regimen. Every 2 weeks or so I will change up my speed and tempo workouts with a faster goal pace for the workout and make schedule adjustments as needed. Since I haven’t done speed work in so long, I just took a guess at my target times. I will make adjustments as I go. The book I use to help set my target paces is Daniels’ Running Formula.

I just had my first speed session yesterday and felt good. Phew. My legs are a little sore this morning, though. Good sore. I love that!

What A Week

15 Jul

I don’t really know how to recap last week since it was sandwiched between my North Fork 50K and this coming week’s EPIC Ultra Relay. Is it another recovery week? Is it a regular week? Who knows. I just went with the flow of things and tried again to not put too much pressure on my running and just enjoy what I’m doing.

The Stats

Miles Run: 47. 

Strength Workouts: 2 awesome ones.

Yoga Workouts: 0. Not too pumped to do Yoga, but I know I REALLY need to.

So here is what the week looked like: lots of firsts.

Monday- 4 miles. I wore no watch but it was a medium effort workout. Breathing hard, but not throwing up.

Tuesday-0 miles. But this happened. A first. Sure, Broncos players, lift me and a let me take a picture. They were really awesome guys all around and brought so much excitement to the Ability Clinic last week.

Broncos players

A first.

Wednesday- 9 miles + Strength Workout.¬†Did 3 miles on the Step Mill- I love this machine. It makes me super sweaty. I finished with 3 miles in 24 minutes on that sucker. I was movin’. Afterwards, I did my trusty ol’ Core & Stability Workout.¬†It was not my greatest workout, but I made it through and felt really proud of the effort. That night after Noah went to bed, I headed out with my headlamp and my dog for 6 miles. Luckily, we had no encounters with coyotes.

Thursday-¬†0 workout.¬†This was due to part laziness and partly due to being covered up in paperwork. Man, I am not used to sitting in one spot for hours and hours. My body did NOT like that. That afternoon we had a BBQ to attend. I ate a lot, but what’s new?

Friday- 7 miles + Strength Workout.¬†In-laws in town and taking advantage of guilt free workouts. I went out at mid day for a 6 mile run with Stella. It was hot and humid (Colorado humid) so I was taking it slow and not terribly worried about time, but Stella did something she has never done before. She stopped and laid down on the ground and wouldn’t move. I tried coaxing her. Nothing. Luckily there was a pond nearby and I tossed her into the pond to cool her off. She made it home, but we only managed to run 3.5 miles. Poor dog. She was wiped out. Jim and I hit the gym that afternoon. I hit up the Step Mill once again for 3.8 miles in 30 minutes followed by a great strength routine.

Noah is having such a big time with his grandparents. He is so sweet and such a little ham. Being so far away from our families is tough, but we try to do weekly FaceTime and Skype dates so that he can see them and chat with them and have memories with them. It does pay off because when Jim’s mom walked through the door, Noah went right to her and gave her a big hug. So sweet.

Saturday-12 miles.¬†I ran this with Nina and I will admit that I was quite a baby. I never felt like I found my running groove and it felt hard the whole way and I’m almost positive I complained at least once a mile (most likely twice). I’m a peach of a running partner. The rest of the morning was spent with family and neighbors at the park, library and lunch. It was fun! Everyone took a nap that afternoon.

That evening, Jim and I took advantage (again) of Grandpa & Sukie in town and I was able to eat dinner facing my friends and not facing a toddler. I had a Moscow Mule in a copper mug in one hand and a wide variety of tapas in the other. We went to the 9th Door. It was fabulous!

Sunday- 14 ish miles. Jim wakes up before the sun for 2 reasons: golf and a major client. This morning, it was golf. Arrowhead Golf Course offers this great golf deal for burritos and a coffee and a round of golf for $30 so Jim and his buddies went out for that. I was blessed with a sleepy child who slept in until 7am (Hallelujah). Noah and I read books and had an easy morning before I needed to head out to meet Lil Megan up in Leadville for her big day. She was doing 50 Miles on a tough tough course and needed to see some friendly faces. I met up with her at the aid station at mile 34.5 and we headed out, At this point I knew I would run her all the way to the finish. Her pace was dropping off and she was starting to hurt. She needed someone to run with. I was happy and truly honored for it to be me.

Running buddies are hard to explain. It is really its own post, but especially for long distances, you have to know when to push and pull your runner, when to talk, when to shut up, and when to buckle down and make things happen. But mainly keep your runner safe and hopefully accomplishing their goal. Megan did amazing and finished in 10 hours and 53 minutes. I ran with her just over 3 hours. It was awesome.

Leadville CO

Colorado, you sure are pretty

Leadville Silver Rush 50

Megan looking strong somewhere around mile 40.

trail runners

Post race smiles. What you don’t see in the picture is the torrential down pour that is occurring.


  • More fun with the in-laws. I’m thinking… Denver Aquarium and maybe some more Yoga class for me and gym time for Jim.
  • I’m hoping to get in about 20 easy miles this week before Friday.
  • Maybe just 1 strength workout and focus on Yoga since I have been slacking with it.
  • EPIC Ultra Relay will be Friday through Saturday. Our start time is 5:00am. Yikes.

Have you ever been so excited for a friend that it made you cry? Seriously, this is what happened for me Sunday with Megan’s race. I knew how hard she had worked for this and how bad she wanted it. She was tough and I was there to witness her amazing accomplishment. Very cool.

12 Dec

This post is one of my top viewed posts ( non running related) and I thought I would reboot it because most of it still rings pretty true for us. We are currently visiting my family in Tennessee and will swiftly move on to North Carolina. I promised to continue my fitness recaps once I get near a computer and not the iPad version of Worpress. So I hope you enjoy my 12 pains of Christmas.


This is one of my most viewed posts (non running related) and most of it still rings true for us this year. This post was originially written last year 12/12/2011. Jim, Noah and I are in Tennessee this week and will swiftly move on to North Carolina this Friday. I will continue to do my weekly fitness recaps once I’m near a computer and not the iPad version of WordPress (not a fan). Talk to you soon and I hope you enjoy. -Kel

Paying homage to one of my and Jim’s favorite Christmas songs.

The first thing at Christmas that is such a pain to me.

Finding a Christmas tree.

More like a pain to Jim. He is much more particular about things than he lets on. My only criteria for the tree is that it must be taller than me and have a good shape.

The second thing at…

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Cooking, Marathoning and other Randomness

19 Oct

It hasn’t had time to sink in that I’m going for a pretty big marathon goal this weekend! It’s been a busy week, but not terribly stressful. I was, however eating too many spoonfuls of peanut butter covered in chocolate chips. Laura at Mommy Run Fast had a post on some healthy no-bake desserts so I made sure to get right on that!! They turned out excellent if I do say so myself.

Brownie Bites

Brownie Bites rolled in Toasted Coconut

I also made some awesomely yummy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins for breakfast for me and the Noah Bear. It was love at first bite!

Healthy and delicious. Why yes, there are carrots in this muffin.

I’m so tired, y’all. That little man of mine is a busy bee! Toddlers can be so demanding. Geesh! He’s so fun, though. And he’s such a cutie so I don’t mind.


The hubs got back into town yesterday and I am super thankful for that. He let me sleep in and it was glorious! Just what this body needed.

Noah has his daddy back!

Let me just say how amazing the hubs is!! Not only does he put up with me on a daily basis, but he encourages me to run and to pursue my goals. I am fully aware that I would not be able to do any of this without his support and for that I am very grateful. Unfortunately I only got to see him for half a second before I’m heading off to Detroit. But I will think of him when I cross that finish line. I will say a prayer of thanks for him for just being who he is, for Noah to help me not take marathoning too seriously, for my body for letting me push it, for my family and friends (that’s you too, of course) for being my supporters.

I got my Team New Skin Active Ambassador gear in the mail. Woo-Hoo!

runner girl, New Skin

Eeeeek! Time to man up!!!

My bib number is 2884 for those wanting to track the marathon.. I hope to post from Detroit but I will be bringing my iPad instead of the computer and me, iPad, and WordPress blog don’t always agree, so we’ll see.

Here is my sweet little send off from the hubs and Noah!

So, here we go!! Yes. I. Can.

Run Results and Prizes

21 Sep

I had a good turnout for the 5K/10K My Way Virtual Run. Here is a map all of the cities represented! 3 countires too: United States, Canada, and Germany! Woo-Hoo!

We also posted some of the runners’ photos on the NSCD Facebook page. Click¬†HERE¬†for that.

Winners for the 5K My Way Run:

5K Overall Winners

  1. Jose Bueno (20:08)
  2. Angela Gagnon (24:10)
  3. Brad Woods (27:48)

5K Female Winners

  1. Angela Gagnon (24:10) Рcheck out her blog
  2. Laura Daskal (31:00)
  3. Janette Rourke (31:12)

5K Male Winners

  1. Jose Bueno (20:08)
  2. Brad Woods (27:48)
  3. Jim Lawton (28:36)

Winners of the 10K Run:

10K Overall Winners

  1. Nina McVicker (50:01)
  2. Steve Martinez (50:04)
  3. Laura Peifer (50:39) check out her blog

10K Female Winners

  1. Nina McVicker (50:01)
  2. Laura Peifer (50:39)
  3. Jill Haug (55:39)

10K Male Winners

  1. Steve Martinez (50:04)
  2. James Haug (61:00)

And for the prize drawings… The Winners Are:

Bolle Sunglasses- Kathi Dobson, Smiths Creek MI

Bolle sunglasses- Densie Scott, stationed in Germany

Treadfest Jersey- Neilly Buckalew, Pittsburg PA

2 pairs of Dry Fit socks- Jessy Miller, Clarksville TN

Under Armour fleece running hat- Lori Beneteau, Strathroy Ontario

Certificate for Aline custom insoles- Noel Zarac, Rochester MN

Yoga mat- Angela Gagnon, Chicago IL

Free entry into the 2013 Fans on the Field Run- Jose Bueno, Denver CO

We had a lot of walkers and new runners participate and it was really neat to hear their stories! We hope to make it even bigger and better next year! A cool thing came out of this whole thing. A local teacher participated and got her students involved and now she wants me to come out to her school once a month and teach them about adaptive sports and fitness with the hopes they will become interested in volunteering during their spring and summer breaks. Neat-O!

Thanks for playing!

Hills: Just a Little Bump in the Road

1 Aug 2:00 minute bump in the road/trail

How do you get strong on hills? You run them. People ask me why I don’t mind hills and it’s simply because they don’t intimidate me anymore. I see them often, if not in every run I do.¬†Don’t get me wrong, they are still hard, but I feel that I have won the mental game of hills. I have learned that there are:

  • hills that I can attack (this is sometimes followed by a heel click at the top of the hill I just dominated)
  • hills that I just have to put my head down and endure
  • hills that I have to walk (3,000 ft elevation gain in short miles will teach you that)
  • hills that look like a mere bump in the road when you pass by with fresh legs, but after 20 miles, that bump feels like a mountain
running hills

2:00 minute bump in the road/trail

During the EPIC Relays, some of the girls in our van were laughing at my running BFF, Nina because she kept saying that the road was flat when everyone else was like ‘no, that’s going uphill.’ And then the girls said ‘no wonder you don’t mind running hills if you think everything is flat’. And it got me thinking about that.

Hills are tough, but manageable. I used to beat myself up if I had to walk up a hill, and then you run up a ridiculous mountain with crazy elevation gain and it becomes stupid for you to “run” that hill because you are wasting energy. Lesson learned.

running hills

1.5 mile hill

So, here are some of my tips when facing a hill. Note: there are many educational articles out there about running hills and workouts and such. Check those out too. These are just my ramblings…

  • if it is a short hill, run it, hard. Even if you can’t make it to the top. Run that sucker hard for as long as you can then walk or jog the rest or until you have recovered your breath. I guarantee the next time you run it, you will be able to run it further. I don’t typically do hill repeats because I have so many hills throughout my run, but I have done them before and I feel pretty tough after a hill repeat workout.
  • if it is a long hill, find your comfortable pace, put your head down and go. If you need to walk, do it but when you feel recovered, start your jog back up again. Repeat this until you reach the top.
  • if it is a crazy steep hill and you don’t feel like you are moving anywhere, hike it with large strides stretching out those hip flexors and hamstrings, and when you feel recovered try to jog when you can.

The main thing is to just keep moving forward. I have mentioned my mantras and what keeps me going, but with regards to hills I tell myself to be like a mountain goat. No joke, have you seen those things climb up a mountain? Nuts.

mountain goat

mountain goat on Grey’s Peak

Just like a mountain goat, just like a mountain goat.

What about you? How do you conquer hills?


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