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Got 10 Minutes Workout

14 Apr

Seriously, this workout is only 10 minutes and it’s a good one. You can always add more rounds if you have more time.

Nina is my lovely model for today’s workout. She asked that I photoshop all of her lumps (insert my eye roll here – I mean, do you see any lumps on this lady??? – she is a silly woman).

5 Push Ups– I mean good ones to really engage your triceps. To get yourself in a good position. Lay down with your chest on the floor and place your hands by your chest and push up all the way up keeping your elbows close by your sides. Lower yourself back down touching your chest to the floor. Repeat.

Push Ups

Push Ups

30 Seconds Power Knee Twist (each knee)– Start in a lunge with left foot forward and holding your dumbbells at chest level, power your right knee up to  about waist level while twisting your torso (and dumbbells) to the right meeting your left elbow to your right knee then return to the lunge position. Do these as fast as your form will allow. In 30 seconds I can get anywhere between (25-30 reps). Repeat on the other leg.

IMG_2839 5 Push Ups 

60 seconds of Squats- Feet hip width apart with your toes pointing forward, lower all the way into your squat making sure the knees don’t go over the toes. Return to standing position. I can usually get at least 30 deep squats in in 60 seconds.



 5 Push Ups

30 Seconds of Plank Twisting Kick (each side)- start in a hand plank position. Take your right leg and bring your right knee towards your left elbow then try to kick that right leg out. *Now here is a modification, if you find it too difficult to extend that leg, place a dumbbell in your left hand- it gives you just enough of a lift to get that opposite leg extended. Return to start position. I usually just hover my right foot instead of letting it touch the ground. 30 seconds on the right side, then 30 seconds on the left side. I can usually get 15 plank twist kicks in in 30 seconds.

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

Step 3

Step 3

5 Push Ups

30 Seconds of Thigh Toning Squats (each side)- with feet wide and toes pointed out, raise your right heel up so that you are on your toes. Lower down to  a squat position keeping that right heal elevated and making sure that your knees are following the direction of your toes (outward).

Starting position

Starting position

Feeling the burn in the inner thigh

Feeling the burn in the inner thigh

5 Push Ups

30 Seconds Butterfly Crunches- start lying on your back with soles of the feet together, knees bent  and your hands behind your head. Crunch up bring your elbows in and your knees in. Return to starting position. Repeat. I get about 20 crunches in 30 seconds.

Butterfly Crunch Starting position

Butterfly Crunch Starting position

Crunch it up. Squeeze.

Crunch it up. Squeeze.

5 Push Ups

10 Balancing Warrior (each leg)- Lift your right knee up and lower that right leg back into a lunge. Lift that right knee up again. Now, slowly lower your dumbbells straight down your balancing leg while dropping your chest down to become parallel with the ground at the same time extending that right leg straight back behind you. Go slow until you get the hang of it.

Step 1- Right Leg up

Step 1- Right Leg up

Step 2- Lunge

Step 2- Lunge

Step 3- Knee Lift

Step 3- Knee Lift

Step 2-

Step 4- Balancing Act

5 Push Ups

Give this workout a whirl and let me know what you think. I did this workout 4 days last week and it made me super sweaty. Love it!

For one workout, I incorporated the row machine after every set of push ups and did a 250m sprint. That was a killer!

*Injury Update* Still the same. No running. Hoping to get an x-ray this week. I miss running😦

And Just Like That

9 Apr

Interesting thing happened 2 Saturdays ago. I got injured. Not taking a tumble on a trail, not teaching a fitness class, not trying some crazy Yoga transition or even chasing a crazy toddler, but from stepping off a curb during my long run. I didn’t even twist it or anything, just stepped hard. I remembered doing it and it was sore for the remainder of my run but it wasn’t anything that made me limp around. Stupid city running.

Some people are city runners and others are not.

I am not. I was doing my long run of 20 miles in downtown Phoenix while visiting a friend. Do you know how hard it is to get so many miles in that city without literally running every street??? Good grief. I did get a great tour of the city (the art district, the stadium, Spring Training madness, ASU campus, etc) and I did figure out where to go for sushi and drinks that night, though. I will always choose trail. Always. But it was a good change of pace… well, except for the hurt ankle.

seen on my run

running through Phoenix art district

I can’t run.

Like, at all. Not a mile, not down the street, not even down the driveway. It’s a high ankle sprain and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it except for rest and ice and ibuprofen. I thought it would be okay after a couple of days off. I don’t limp (except going downstairs – then I just look silly), it’s not really swollen, but no, after a couple of days I still wasn’t able to take Stella for a brisk walk. Ouch. About a week later a tried with success to do the Step Mill. So I have been hitting up that machine for 30-60 minute workouts and then yesterday, I took a spin class and was able to do that with minor discomfort, the row machine is fine, but the second I have any impact – there is instant pain and I can’t even hobble my way through it.


I have a lot going on right now so that helps redirect some of that energy. I launched my business at Catalyst Fitness and picked up some new clients and I’m teaching plenty of classes. I’m still hitting the gym and love the Step Mill, Spin classes, and the row machine. But it is definitely not the same as running. I’m still trying to keep my level of endurance up there and not doing my weekend long runs are going to kill me so I would like to figure out how to get my 3-4 hours of endurance training in Saturday morning. I think I’m going to have to buck up and do 1 hour Step Mill – 1 hour Spin class – 1 hour Step Mill. But that just sounds awful!!!! We’ll see.

Funny how things work out

I can’t imagine what I would be feeling if I was still planning to run Boston on April 21st. I would be freaking out and most likely not tolerable to be around! Spending all that money, making all those travel arrangements and not being able to run. Crazy. It is funny how things work out, ya know. I’m still planning on North Fork 50 Miler on June 28th but will not do Greenland 50K on May 3rd. Janice, the race director for North Fork hosts several training runs on the race course with the first one coming in 2 weeks so I want to heal up and try out my ankle then. I will also start water jogging this weekend too. Anything to keep me moving.

Oh to be running at Waterton Canyon again...

Oh to be running at Waterton Canyon again… It was stupid muddy that day as you can see.

I have some good workouts for you this Friday so stay tuned for those. Until then, any tips or advice on keeping up my endurance without the long run?

Stretching After The Run

3 Mar

I’m bad about stretching after running. That might seem strange to some of you considering the amount of Yoga I do, but my home practice of Yoga isn’t always about stretching. I’m usually working on balancing postures (Dancer’s Pose), strengthening poses (various arm balances) or core work,or all of the above.

I do, however always seem to gravitate toward a few poses and stretches post run that just feel good after pounding the pavement or skipping over rocks and tree stumps.  It is by no means a routine, just goofy looking poses that I do in a parking lot to embarrass my running buddies- actually they are usually doing them right next to me.

So this week, I have decided to put myself through a little Stretching Challenge, if you will. I will perform a stretching routine each day of at least 10 minutes. If it is on a day that I am running, I will do the stretching sequence post run. If it is a day I am not running, I will do it at some point throughout my day. Easy as that, right?!

Here are some great stretches for the hot spots that we runners tend to get. It is in the order that I do them, but feel free to change it up, add or omit any postures.

Frog Pose: This is usually the first pose I do after a run, especially a big run. It feels so good on my hips. I use my elbows to press my knees back too to get to my inner thighs. It also tends to help me gauge the creakiness of my knees an ankles. *Check out Stella looking for rabbits in the front yard.


Frog Pose

Forward Fold: This is another one that feels so so good to my hamstrings and lower back. I really bend my knees a lot in this pose to stretch out my lower back. Just let your neck hang too.

Forward Fold

Forward Fold

Forward Fold with a Twist: From my forward fold, I walk my feet about hip width apart and place one palm on the ground (bend your knees as much as you need to) and then I reach the other hand up to the sky twisting at my torso. I also try to let my gaze follow my hand up. Repeat this on each side.

Forward Fold with a Twist

Forward Fold with a Twist

Pyramid Pose: From my bend with a twist, I stand back up to Mountain Pose and get myself into Pyramid Pose. Now, when I’m first getting into this posture, I have both hands on the ground on each side of my foot because I usually don’t have good enough balance quite yet. Once I feel stable in the posture, then I advance it to placing both hands at my shin or ankle. Alignment check- both of my toes are pointing forward and my back heel is on the ground. This really gets after that front leg’s hamstring – Yowsa!

Pyramid Pose

Pyramid Pose

Triangle Pose: This one I have a love/hate relationship with. This is the pose that tells me when I have pushed my hip too far (during the run or training) and will scream at me. I have a tendency to sink in my hips during this pose. I know this because during class, the instructor will always pull me up by my raised arm and help me to think about the oppositions at work in this pose. Alignment check- front toe is forward, back toe is now at a 45 degree angle. This pose can be modified by using a block or something to support your hand at the bottom.

Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose

Runner’s Lunge or Kneeling Crescent to King Pigeon Pose: I like to start in a kneeling crescent, to warm up my hips first and then will attempt to pick up that back foot (depending how tight my quads are). Repeat on each side. I like to push back into a downward facing dog position to help me transition into the next pose.

King Pigeon Pose

King Pigeon Pose

Pigeon or Sleeping Pigeon: From down dog, I will position myself into pigeon and work on opening up that hip. Once I feel I can go a little deeper into that stretch, I will go onto my forearms or all the way down for Sleeping Pigeon. Lots of modifications for this one.

Pigeon Pose and Stella demonstrating the down dog

Pigeon Pose and Stella demonstrating down dog

One Leg Seated Forward Bend: Keeping just a slight bend in the knee, go ahead and fold over onto your knees. Yep, that’s about as far as this girl can go. So sad.

Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward Bend- this pose is painful for me. yuck.

Happy Baby: I don’t recommend doing this in the middle of the gym or a parking lot, although me, Mary and Alyssa may have at one time or another sprawled ourselves out in the middle the parking lot at Table Mesa doing our embarrassing poses (this one included). Happy Baby just feels so so good on my back after running, after stretching, watching tv, whenevs! Lay on your back, lift your feet up, bend your knees as much as you would like, grab those feet and pull down. Your back will thank you.

Happy Baby

Happy Baby

And there you have it folks, my post-run Yoga Stretching Sequence.

What stretches do you like to do? If you don’t usually stretch post run want to join me in this little challenge for the week??





11 Weeks to Boston

5 Feb

Last week was a blur of sickness. It was a good one too, one that Noah and I continued to pass back and forth to each other. That’s always fun. I managed to run Thursday-Sunday but they weren’t anything special and especially no speed work or Yoga involved. It was all I could do to get vertical and run. The only noteworthy thing was that I ran 14 miles on a treadmill. Yep, a treadmill. All 14 miles. In a row. I lucked out and watched “Limitless” on TNT. It worked out perfectly. 2 hours, bam!

So this week’s workout will be what I was supposed to have done last week, just only slightly modified.

Monday: 6 miles at 8:45 pace

Tuesday: Speed Work- 6 miles (3×1600@7:08 pace w/ 800 recovery jog) + Strength Workout

Wednesday: Easy 6 @8:45 pace + Yoga

Thursday: Tempo Work-6-8 miles. (2 miles @9:00 + 15minutes @ 7:30 + 10minutes @ 9:00 + 15minutes @7:30 + 2 miles @ 9:00) + Strength Workout

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Long Run 14-16 miles easy

Sunday: 0-60 minutes easy pace (8:45-9:00)

I’m feeling oh so much better this week! Noah too! Here is Noah enjoying himself in the open space behind the house.


Big fun!

Colorado is getting tons of snow this week and some just down right silly temperatures so my runs will be on the treadmill this week. Why is it that I don’t blink an eye to running 6-8 miles outside but inside on a treadmill is torturous???

12 Weeks til Boston

27 Jan

Runners like to know what others do to prepare for races, big or small, what their training plans look like and such. So I have decided to let you all follow along in my marathon prep journey and on into the 50 Miler journey as well. But here is my message to you: This is my journey. This is my workout plan based on my crazy life and my crazy ways. This should not come across as what you should be doing. So there is that disclaimer.

My goal with this plan is to ultimately RUN HAPPY. I want to show up race day prepared, uninjured and feeling good at the end of the race. Originally, I thought I might want to go for a sub 3:30 but now that I shifted my focus to the 50 Miler in June, my time goal will be a 3:40, BUT if I’m feeling extra strong and the whole training at altitude and racing at sea level thing pays off for me and I do get a sub 3:30 on April 21st then that would be double rainbow awesome!

Now, on with the show. This week’s schedule:

Monday: 6 miles at 8:45 pace + Yoga Sculpt class

Tuesday: Speed Work- 6 miles (3×1600@7:08 pace w/ 800 recovery jog) + Strength Workout

Wednesday: Easy 6 @8:45 pace

Thursday: Tempo Work-6-8 miles. (2 miles @9:00 + 15minutes @ 7:30 + 10minutes @ 9:00 + 15minutes @7:30 + 2 miles @ 9:00) + Strength Workout

Friday: Yoga

Saturday: Long Run 14-16 miles (2 miles easy + 4×5 minutes @ 7:40 w/ 1 min rest + 1 hour easy run + 15 minutes @ 7:45 + 1-2 miles easy pace)

Sunday: 0-60 minutes easy pace (8:45-9:00)

I’m coming off of a pretty good cold that won’t seem to quit, so last week’s workouts were nothing spectacular but Nina and I managed to get in 14 miles at Green Mountain and hooked it up with Red Rocks via the Zorro Trail. There was lots of climbing (read: lots of hiking) but it was a warm day with blue skies and so many people were happy to be outside in it. Including us.

colorado trail running

At the top of Green Mountain trail looking down on Denver

Green Mountain trail

A little stop drop and yoga at the top of Green Mountain Trail

colorado trail running

Hiking up Zorro Trail

This week we will not be blessed with 60 degree temps so it was fun while it lasted. I’m also going to hit up a fitness class (other than Yoga) at the gym this week. Any suggestions? Have a great week of training, friends! Let me know how it’s going!

Moving Forward

18 Nov

I am one of those obnoxious people that can pull a Friends reference out of anything, very similar to how I can compare most life situations to running or the marathon. Just so you know, I’m rolling my eyes at myself too.

Since passing all of my various fitness and coaching certifications, I have been thinking a lot about how I would like my career path to look. What I would like to do, where do I want to work, what population I want to focus on, etc. It’s exciting, but scary.

I have wonderful friends and supporters who offer their ideas enthusiastically and I love it. Not just with running but with career advice and personal goals. They have made me a better person with their continued love and support and humor. My friend and super athlete Trish once told me that if I wasn’t a little nervous about it, then my goal wasn’t big enough. That’s why I like setting new running and fitness goals for myself. I like testing my boundaries (crazy single-track trails on the side of a mountain), I like pushing myself to places I didn’t think I could go (Ultra marathoning) plus, I like the hard work (I prefer training over racing).

With everything I do I like that forward progress. I want to know that I am moving forward in my career and not just settling or getting bored; I want to know that I moving forward personally, learning new things and trying to become the best version of me I can be.

So, even though I have been a little checked out in the blog world, I’m still trying to move forward, to keep going. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Halloween costumes turned out super fun. Jim totally got into it too. Goofy, I do on a daily but it was cool for Noah to see Jim being silly too. Plus, he nailed Gru, don’t you think?!

Despicable Me

Vector, Gru, and a minion

Still running in beautiful Fall Colorado weather. Seriously, this has been the longest Fall I have seen since living in Colorado. The weather has been so wonderful and pleasant and sunny. Love, Love. My average weekly mileage is 30-35 and as much as possible it is spent out on the trails.

Colorado running

Nina Machina blazing through the trail

Goofing off with a seriously sweet little boy we like to call Noah. His favorite things right now: Anything Charlie Brown and Snoopy related; a blue towel (like Linus from Peanuts); firetrucks – actually anything with wheels; running around saying “Naked Booty” when we change his clothes; playing with his neighbors Mark & Anna.

dog cuddles

Noah being silly with Stella

Sewing. A lot. I made several personalized ABC books for friends and family and after that I got down to business with figuring out how to make a tote bag out of race bibs. After several versions, I think I have honed in on what works, which works out perfect because Nina’s birthday is this weekend and I was determined to have it finished by then complete with lining, pockets, and a magnetic snap.

race bib tote bags

I have taken over the kitchen table

I’ve had a lot of interest in how I did my race bib tote bag. I knew what I wanted to do but there isn’t much out there about it so I used multiple designs and brain storming sessions with my friends and Mom to make what I wanted.  I will post about that next and get you the resources that helped me a lot. I can also make a custom one for you or a loved one, so just email me if you’re interested.

What are ways that you remind yourself to move forward? To challenge yourself. To keep yourself moving in the right direction when you get off course.


WIAW + A New Workout

16 Oct

For whatever reason, you people like reading about what The Bear and I like to do and eat so here you go. Just for the record, I think we are pretty boring but whatever. If you think so too, feel free to scroll down to the good stuff: pictures and the workout.

Yesterday’s eats for the little one and I were much more on the up and up. It was a pretty typical Tuesday: easy going morning, go to the gym, playtime, lunch, nap time for Noah and study time for me, Halloween art project for Noah (thanks to my high school friend, Dawn for the inspiration), playtime and ice cream at Chick-Fil-A (yes before dinner, because I’m cool like that), dinner, movie, play time, bed time.

Breakfast for Noah: bowl of Cascadian Farm Organic Cinnamon Crunch cereal with unsweetened almond milk

Breakfast for Me: 1 egg and 3 egg whites with Cholula sauce and a few strawberries plus 2 cups of coffee

toddler eats

Pre Workout Snack for Me: 1 Halloween chocolate dipped sugar cookie, thank you very much – my workout was fantastic by the way thanks in part to my excellent fueling choice.

Noah’s snack: 6 chocolate animal crackers and some of my cookie

pumpkin cookie

Lunch for Noah: slice of cheese on English muffin, cucumbers, 1 apple slice, sugar snap pea crisps

Lunch for Me: leftover Butternut Squash and Black Bean burrito (awesome recipe HERE from Oh She Glows) and apple slices

Snack for me: Kale Chips and Tea

Snack for Noah: vanilla ice cream cone

ice cream

Dinner for Me: Meatloaf, Sweet Potato Mash, Roasted Balsamic Vinegar Brussel Sprouts + 2 Blue Moon Pumpkin Ales – that’s dessert, right?

Dinner for Noah: chicken nuggets, creamed corn, and sweet potatoes



So, on to the good stuff….

My Latest Workout: I perform 1 set of 10 of each exercise and repeat for a total of 3 sets. Then I move on to the next round. I will usually increase my reps to 12 the next week and then 15 the following week before I change up the routine again. I also don’t usually rest between exercises unless I feel like I need it.

Warm Up: 10 minutes on the Step Mill or your choice of cardio equipment (by the end of your warm up you should be sweating)

Round One:

  1. Step Ups with a Knee Lift while holding a medicine ball overhead
  2. Decline Push Ups
  3. Ball Pike Ups (hands on the platform, feet on the ball)
  4. Basic Crunch

Round Two:

  1. Ball Squat with 10 tiny pulses on 10 (I also hold 3-5 lb dumb bells straight out in front for the entire duration of the exercise)
  2. Bicep Curls with resistance tube (instead of 10 reps, I perform these for 30 seconds with good form as fast as I can stand it)
  3. Reverse Crunch
  4. Forearm Plank with Side to Side Hip Touch (10 on each side)

Round Three:

  1. Upside Down Bosu Lunge (10 on each side) – front foot on the Bosu the other on a platform with overhead dumb bell press
  2. Single Leg Ball Hamstring Curl
  3. Cable Row
  4. Supine Leg Raises with Medicine Ball Overhead — this one is a killer for me. You have to focus on keeping your lower back on the floor with no arch for the entire exercise. For me, after like 6 I am struggling to keep that arch out of my back – I need to work on my core!

I can usually get this done in 45 minutes. Ways that I modify the workout is that in addition to my 10 minute warm up, I will perform 3-5 vigorous minutes of cardio (usually the row machine) between each round. This will add another 15 minutes to the workout.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think.


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